Valve is briefly stopping including grownup video games to Steam


Shining Song Starnova creator Love in Space said via Twitter that its title has been withheld from Steam until it meets new requirements. Valve confirmed the suspension in a statement to Gamasutra: “Yes, some titles are on hold. We will have more information on them soon.” Despite appearances, this isn’t about outright censorship – according to Valve, these are refinement tools that give users more control over what they see in store.

We have now been updated by Valve regarding Shining Song Starnova. The bottom line is that they are working on new features to give people more control over the content they see and SSS has determined that these features are needed before they are available live on Steam. [1/2]

– Love in Space (@Love_In_Space) July 12, 2018

Still, the company has yet to come up with official guidelines on what type of content will pass the litmus test – and as a result, many developers like Love in Space are stuck in the balance. Valve has not released a timeline explaining when affected games may go live again on Steam. However, it is likely that we’ll learn more about Valve’s filtering process in an upcoming Steam blog update.