The Purple Deer Strip Membership urges the waitresses to supply grownup leisure – Purple Deer Advocate


The Red Deer Strip Club calls on waitresses to provide entertainment for adults

Most servers are topless in Club X-Static

Businesses are getting creative to survive during the pandemic – and that includes a Red Deer strip club.

Club X-Static has been closed as the provincial government restricted live entertainment to slow the spread of COVID-19 in late November. Business had already been hit significantly two weeks earlier when the government ordered bars and lounges to close early, said Dave Mah, owner of X-Static.

He estimates that about 80 percent of customers lost when alcohol sales stopped at 10 p.m. and the facility closed at 11 p.m. “Our customers don’t come out until 10 p.m.,” said Mah.

With no end in sight to the ban on live entertainment in the province, “we had to think creatively,” he added. People expect adult entertainment when they walk into an adult bar. “Otherwise there would be no reason for (customers) to stay,” he said.

Mah had the idea that when X-Static reopened on Thursday, the female servers would be topless waiting for tables – while carrying pies.

“We don’t break any laws,” he said, noting that no pressure was put on the “shy” minority of servers who had chosen not to go shirtless. “We gave them a choice and about 80 percent are doing it …

“In difficult times you have to get creative.”

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