The grownup schedule at Lewiston features a stand-up comedy workshop


Comedian Dawn Hartill will be teaching a new standup class at Lewiston Adult Education on Thursday, February 25th. Contributed

LEWISTON – Students will have the opportunity to retest their skills starting Tuesday, February 23, with a full week of classes at Lewiston Adult Education that includes the Standup Comedy Workshop and the Stretch & Strength Practice Course.

The Winter-Spring 2021 brochure of Lewiston and Auburn Adult & Community Education courses has been mailed to general delivery customers in Lewiston and Auburn. In addition to submitting registration forms, participants can also register on the Lewiston Adult Education website

Many courses for the semester will be online, such as Apples and Other Fruit Trees, Landlord-Tenant Relationships, and Planning a Magical Disney Vacation. Others, including Stretch & Strength and Standup Comedy Workshop, will be personal, encouraging students to wear masks and social distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Due to the construction of Lewiston High School, the face-to-face classes will be held at Longley School’s adult education center, 145 Birch St.

The publication of the winter-spring brochure was delayed until February rather than the end of January.

“We hope that with a vaccine and the end of the typical cold and flu season, we can provide a safe personal atmosphere for our learners,” said Bill Grant, Lewiston’s director of adult education, in a letter in the brochure.

Anyone with questions about the new semester can contact Mike Reagan of Lewiston Adult Education at [email protected] or 207-795-4141.

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