The Adult Movie Community Brazzers is growing a parody smartphone idea


Adult entertainment website Brazzers has created a spoof smartphone commercial for a new device called the Brazzers Peach. The promotional materials were released to coincide with Google’s new product launches yesterday and include a video ad (which you can see above) and a landing page on the adult news site TrendZZ.

The idea is that the Brazzers Peach is the ideal way to enjoy adult entertainment, with special features like a holo-porn mode, a pen that turns into a vibrating ring, and a biometric sensor for secure identification.

If the last one sounds a little tame, just consider what kind of pressure the peach could use in place of a finger.

The device is also said to have a splash-proof screen and an Alexa-like digital assistant called ZZ that can “suggest new porn stars, scenes and categories based on your favorite scenes.”

Specs weren’t discussed in the announcement, but presumably the Brazzers Peach would be powered by a Sexynos chipset … Sorry.

Unfortunately, if you are interested in recording this, you cannot because it is not real. If you want to check out the best ways to watch VR porn on your phone, you can visit our sister site VR Source at the link.