British Airways stewardess ‘Adult Leisure’ | The British Airways stewardess reportedly supplies grownup leisure throughout flights. The airline launches the probe


The airline’s stewardess reportedly provides adult entertainment during flights

British Airways, the UK airline, has opened an investigation into allegations that one of its stewardesses provided “adult entertainment” during the publication of flights.

It was alleged that the unidentified companion sells her underwear to passengers and even advertises her “services” through social media posts.

“If you ever want adult entertainment on board, all you have to do is give me a sum of money and you will be treated to a completely different experience of your choice,” one of her blog posts said.

While an official investigation has already been opened, British Airways is still trying to identify the stewardess.

The unidentified employee reportedly shared risky pictures of herself on social media and used them to attract customers. Many of the images focused on her feet and legs in stockings.

“We expect the highest standards of behavior from all of our colleagues at all times and are investigating the allegations,” a British Airways spokesman told The Sun.

The Sun report added that the stewardess offered customers sex between trips along with other X-rated services for money.

The companion allegedly told The Sun that she was selling her underwear for £ 25. Other fees increase if you want to meet them in a hotel.

“You have to pay a security fee of £ 50 to meet. Prices vary depending on the meeting you want, no negotiation. If I have booked a hotel for work, the meeting will be there (London),” said the stewardess announced the publication anonymously.

After the news went viral on social media, many of the stewardess’ posts were deleted.