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Metallic Color Pigments - All American Wood Works

Feb 11

Do you like the metallic look of your favourite pieces of jewelry, but lack the time or skill to make them yourself? Metallic color pigments are a fantastic way to add a touch of sparkle to your projects without the need to sit for many hours mixing and painting. All American Wood Works has an array of metallic color pigments that can give your projects that extra pop.

What are Metallic Color Pigments?

Metallic color pigments can be utilized to create colors for paints and other products. They are made from various combinations of metals, such as lead, copper, nickel and zinc. Metallic color pigments give paints a metallic sheen and are used to create different shades.

How do Metallic Color Pigments Made?

The industry of pigments is a large and diverse one, with metallic color pigments occupying an exclusive spot in the spectrum. Metallic pigments are made of elements such as copper, silver and gold , which are mixed and then crushed into powder. The powder can then be mixed with other components to produce the desired hue. Metallic color pigments can be employed in lacquers, paints, and other products.

Metallic color pigments are available in a wide range of colors. They can be utilized to create various shades of purple, green blue, red, and. Because they are robust and bright they are frequently used in paint and lacquer products. The most sought-after metallic color pigments are copper bronze and gold chrome yellow. silver chrome shinny metallic Flake White (also known as Vermilion) as well as cobalt blue stunning hue (known as Terra Cotta), and ultramarine blue.

What are the advantages of making use of Metallic Color Pigments?

Metallic color pigments are a great way to create high-quality wood finishes. Metallic colors are usually more intensive than other colors which means that they provide a more intricate finish on wood. This is particularly true when combined with other wood finishing techniques such as lacquering and sanding.

Another advantage of using metallic colors is that they are employed to create a variety of effects. You can use them to give your work a more sophisticated look or enhance it by adding vibrant colors. Additionally, metallic color pigments are often versatile enough to be used in both nontraditional and traditional projects.

Metallic Color Pigments are an excellent choice to those who want more of a vibrant finish to their wood projects. They are versatile and easy to work with and the high-quality results can make your furniture look great!

All American Wood Works is the Best Choice for Metallic Color Pigment.

All American Wood Works, owned by a family, which produces metallic color pigments It is proud to be a family-owned business. All American Wood Works is the only company to manufacture both liquid and powder color pigments. They've been manufacturing metallic pigments for over 30 years.

Metallic liquid color pigments are offered in a range of colors, including silver, gold, copper, brass as well as bronze and nickel. Powder metallic color pigments are available in a variety of colors, including bronze copper, brass and nickel. They are also available in gold, silver and gold.

Customers pick All American Wood Works because they have access to a broad range of metallic shades. All American Wood Works also produces high-quality, durable metallic color pigments that resist fading and discoloration.


All American Wood Works offers the widest selection of metallic color pigments that are able to bring colour to any project. We have everything you need for metallic color pigments, from powder to liquid. With a range of colors and finishes on offer, there is sure to be a color that matches your personal style. What are you wasting time for? Get started painting like an artist now!

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