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Best Hair Salons Near Me For Balayage-Pinup Studio

Sep 27

The best balayage salon isand balayage salon - Pinup Studio. This list comprises Colleen, The Blonde Studio and Ryder Salon. Each salon is specialized in specific styles or colors. Read on to learn more about these services as well as where to find them.

Rose Quartz Hair Studio

Parnell's Rose Quartz Hair Studio is an undiscovered treasure. The salon is small and intimate, and has lots of light. It also offers an inviting environment. Salon services include foils, balayage, and the ability to lighten using tonal, along with cuts for style and design, and large blow-drys. The salon is open until 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday.


Colleen Pinup Studio is known for its stunning hairstyles. The salon provides a personalized and warm experience that makes every client feel special.

The studio is adorned with huge mirrors as well as an industrial-chic style. They are highly skilled stylists with an impressive amount of experience in the art of balayage. They are experts in blondes and brunettes and provide full color services.

The Blonde Studio

To create a striking, sophisticated style, you can apply Balayage hair coloring to change the look of your hair. For an ombre effect it is possible to dye your hair with various brown shades. The color may be permanent, or it can be temporary. It is possible to choose shades that resemble popular desserts such as caramel or chocolate.

The Blonde Studio offers hair colouring services like Balyage. The stylists at the salon have decades of experience and are highly proficient in their art. They are trained and have the experience to give your hair the look you want.

Modern wall-to-floor mirrors let you to view every aspect of your hair when they work in the salon. Private salons are also accessible where you can get hair treatment with your buddies as you sip a drink.

The Blonde Studio offers balayage and styling. Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa are only some of their famous clients. The studio is warm and the staff is friendly.

Lush Hair Folk has been serving the Houston region since. Lush Hair Folk offers services for women and men. Consultations, treatments for hair, and Brazilian blowouts are available in the salon. Salon hours are open all hours of the throughout the day. Andrea and Stephen Cockle have a combined expertise of over 50 years. They provide a variety of color services. They only make use of cruelty-free products and do not employ harmful chemicals.

Ryder Salon

Ryder Salon can help you get the perfect balayage/pinup Studio appearance, regardless whether you're looking for blonde beachy or an vibrant color. It offers freehand balayage, color correction, as well as lighterening. They only use natural colors and are produced in Italy. They also make use of cruelty-free hair products, and are also eco-friendly.

INCO Studio

INCO Studio, located in the former fire station of Ponsonby it is a spa which specializes in balayage and hairstyles with ombre. Hair stylists are able to style hairstyles and blow-out waves. They can also manage and cut hair. INCO Studio has a wide selection of colors including babylights as well as pale blondes. You'll be left with stunning locks because of the professional staff.

Pinup Studio provides services for both women and men of all ages. The salon is dedicated to making customers satisfied and at ease. The staff is friendly and enthusiastic about what they do. You can pick from a variety of shades and get extensions custom created. There are a variety of colors to choose from as well as short and multi-colored hair extensions. Pinup Studio is a well-respected firm with a huge social media presence.

Frenchie & Co

Frenchie & Co is a excellent place to experiment with the balayage-pinup. The salon is adorned with massive mirrors and industrial décor. They are experts in the art of balayage and have an enviable reputation for producing stunning results. Balayage-pinup adds natural shine and adds depth to the hair. The appearance of natural highlights is caused because each layer is lighter than the preceding. This technique helps to reduce UV damage and exposure to sun.

7400 Six Forks Rd # 7, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States